Stone Jug For Ottawa IL Best Barbecue

Stone Jug Barbecue has the best food anywhere in the Illinois Valley. People come from all over including Ottawa IL to get the best barbecue and sides. Our brisket is to die for and our pulled pork needs to be experienced. There are many reasons why Ottawa IL residents love Stone Jug and keep coming back for more.

Fresh Ingredients For Ottawa IL Residents

If you want good food, then you need fresh ingredients. Our brisket and other smoked meats are prepared in house. You’ll occasionally see our staff working at the smoker preparing our delicious meats. You’ll taste the difference when you bite into one of our amazing sandwiches or other dishes. Everything is made fresh and we’re always trying out new recipes.

Ottawa IL People Love Our Sides

While our main dishes are mouthwatering, everyone loves out sides. Our Mac-N-Cheese is cheesy and delicious. Why not make it a meal? The same goes for our cheesy hash browns. People can’t get enough of our baked beans and potato salad and our coleslaw is epic. In fact, it goes great one top of our sandwiches. Our homemade corn bread goes great with our…well…just about everything.

Don’t Forget Our Salads and Soups

While we’re known for our sandwiches and signature dishes, when People from Ottawa visit us, they can’t get enough of our salads and soups. Is there anything better on a cold day than a bowl of brisket chili? Our Gumbo will transport you to the sights and sounds of New Orleans. Our Cobb and Southwest Salads blow away the competition.